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2017-01-10 | 17:57

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Produced by Justin King (http://twitter.com/JustinKing). Made from scenes collected through an incredible season covering the Crimson Tide. Please read below for more information. Viewer, When I entered Alabama's locker room after the Tide's difficult, last-second loss to Clemson, it was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have witnessed in my career. Frankly, while I'm happy for Clemson players and fans, it wasn't easy to see kids I have covered so closely all season in so much pain. Some of those kids were seeing failure for the first time, and while that might be something of a luxury, it can also be dangerous. When you miss a goal on a stage so large, in a manner so agonizing, it can cause the bigger picture to become a little ... less clear. As someone whose job is to look at the big picture, I wanted to remind fans and players of what was accomplished this season. This video was all I could think to make to do that, and I hope it resonates.. - Justin King